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We have been cooperating with 3COM since 1988. 3COM hardware equipment vouches reliability, sefety, stability and high performance of your LAN environment.

   We offer wide range of 3COM hardware equipment, including:

- Fast Ethernet and wireless network cards
- Office Connect equipment
- Wi-Fi equipment
- Ethernet SuperStack (19") equipment including all the available modules/components.

We have been offering top quality Hewlett Packard™ equipment for many years, particularly All-In-One devices, ink and laser printers.

After merger of Hewlett Packard™ and Compaq we continue the partnership as HP Business Partner.

   We offer:
- ProLiant servers
- desktops and workstations
- HP notebooks and peripheral devices
- DeskJet ink printers, LaserJet laser printers and laser color printers
- OfficeJet multitask and multifunction devices (All-In-One devices)
- ScanJet scanners and other hardware produced by Hewlett Packard™ company.

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