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We install personal security solutions, including virus-protecting systems designed by F-Secure™, Symantec™ and other producers.
  We offer wide range of products made by renowned producers, designed to meet our clients' most special needs.

- wide range of HP ProLiant servers
- Intel and DELL server configurations - upon request
- installation and implementation of MS Windows Server, migrations from Novell NetWare

PC sets:
- standard and high performence PC sets
- configuration based on GigaByte motherboards,Intel i3, i5, i7, and Xeon proccessors, using components of brand vendors.

Emergency power supply devices UPS:
Wide range of UPS, power protection devices made by APC, designed for workstations, servers as well as LANs (Back, Smart) and high power emergency power supply systems.

LCD monitors made by Philips, NEC and other brands.

All-In-One devices, Ink printers, laser and color laser printers, scanners by Hewlett Packard™ and by other brands.
We implement personal archive systems, CDR, CDRW, DVD systems, solutions in user's enviroment and applications..
We implement hardware based security systems preventing your computer from unauthorised access attempt.
We offer wide range of emergency power supply solutions.
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