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  We offer service covering:
- concept, design and implementation process of Local Area Networks (LAN);
- hardware and LAN devices configuration and installation;
- installation and implementation of network system enviroment;
- organizing your working enviroment and implementing user's application;
- implementing and establishing safe Internet access both for enterprises and individual clients;
- training courses and servicing actions of hardware and software;
- repair and/or maintanance processes of PC sets;*
- repair and recovering your system Windows, Office and other applications;*
- repair and/or maintanance processes of dot matrix printers produced by OKI™ and other vendors, All-In-One devices, ink and laser printers made by Hewlett Packard™ and other vendors;*
- reconfiguration, modification of computers, PC sets, changing, updating environment system to the most up to date versions including safe and secure transfer of current settings and user's data;*
- data recovery from phisically demaged harddrives;
Service of power protection equipment made by American Power Conversion and other.

We support service to Ewidencji Ludno¶ci (Population Recording System) made by CLANET (former PiK from Gliwice) - certification from 1998.
Many years' partnership with Z.S.I. "SIGID" Sp. z o.o. in Poznań covering sevicing of finance, fiscal systems for local authorities' departments.
  *available at customer's/ exploitation site;
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